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    Scavenger is an alteration of scavager, from Middle English skawager meaning «customs collector», Many instances have occurred in history, India has officially prohibited the employment of manual scavengers since 1993, but the practice continues as of 2014.
    MANUAL SCAVENGING History of manual scavenging in India The practice of manual scavenging in India dates back to ancient time. According to contents of sacred scriptures and other literature, scavenging by some specific caste of India exist since the beginning of civilization.
    2. manual scavenging and municipal waste water workers 11 2.1 manual scavenging 11 2.1.1 history of manual scavenging 11 2.1.2 global history 12 2.1.3 manual scavenging practices 12 2.2 municipal waste water disposal 13 2.3 elimination of manual scavenging 14 3 manual scavenging in india 14
    23 years after abolishment, life of manual scavengers hasn’t changed. Will today be any different? Shweta Vitta. It’s been 23 years since the first anti-manual scavenging Act was passed.
    A Brief History of Class and Waste in India This literally means «sweeper» but is generally translated into English as «manual scavenger,» a term popularized by India’s British rulers, who did nothing to eradicate the practice and much to keep it going. In a foreword to the
    «Manual scavenging in India is officially defined as ‘lifting and removal of human excreta manually’, at private homes and toilets maintained by municipal authorities.
    NewsClick. ?????? Swachh Bharat, M.K. Gandhi and the Manual Scavengers. An attempt is made to look at this debate from the lens of an activist whose mission is to annihilate manual scavenging from this country.
    A manual scavenger died in north Bengaluru last month. Why is the banned act still in practice? Prajwal D’Souza investigates. Skip navigation Weird History 978,818 views. 9:45.
    History of manual scavenging: The link between India and caste is inseparable. According to Rig Veda, the people of our country are cla
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